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News: September 1, 2022

On-Site Print lab is open. Please feel free to contact us for your printing projects!
( Unfortunately, Lab rental service is currently not available. )

Artist in Residence is currently not available due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


about On-Site


We are a place to make and enjoy art. We support your creative and artistic exploration. 

 On-Site is an artist-run organization and space located near Lake Teganuma in Abiko city, Chiba prefecture, Japan. An 1980s apartment building was recently renovated and launched in the fall 2019, and is now an inspiring space for artists, art enthusiasts, and local communities. 

At On-Site we offer an artists-in-residence, digital printing lab, and gallery space. Artists, both domestic and international, can stay in the own apartment while working on their project in the studio, print with a large format printer in the lab, and have open studio exhibitions and talk events in the gallery space. 

We named this organization On-Site, in the hopes that here, we could foster various cultural/artistic activities, dialogues, and ample time for the artists developing their projects. 

In the early 20th century, many writers such as the Shirakaba-ha, “White Birch School,” an influential Japanese literary coterie, found the scenery of Lake Teganuma so beautiful that they temporarily lived nearby the lake and worked on their creative activities. In this area you will still find the traces of their homes and artistic practices, and the scenery they loved.      

While feeling the remnants of that era, we will try to be a new place where artists and local people can get a sharper understanding of diverse cultures, and get closer to art through supporting artistic activities.       

“Historically, so many art communities have started like that, in less expensive out of the way places, haven’t they? And then 10 years later they are so trendy…,” one of my friends in New York said to me. Having been encouraged by his words, we also believe and work toward the hope that an art community will be growing from here. 

Please join us with your ideas and curiosity. 

How you create and enjoy art here;

Artist-In-Residence (AIR)

On-Site AIR is a chance to get inspired and develop your art project while staying in Japan. It is good for artists who want to focus on doing research and making art.
The artists both domestic and international can work on their art projects in the studio while staying in a Japanese style 2DK apartment (2 rooms + Dining room and Kitchen). You can also apply as a couple or a group, and share the space with your artist friends.

We will be accepting the applications from artists who intend to stay and work here for a month(s) in 2020. 

Print lab

The printing director will print your works on your choice of paper with a large-format inkjet/pigment printer, expertise, and collaborative spirit. You can bring in your favorite paper, and have your work printed on it. (The paper should be one produced by a manufacturer, not handmade by you.) 

We also provide a one-to-one printing session service; you will work with the printing director together at the lab to get your work retouched and printed on the spot. (It may take hours to complete printing depending on the work.) 

Or, you can print works yourself at the lab, using our Mac computer, calibrated display, and the large format printer.

Gallery space

Exhibitions, open studios, screenings, and  talk events by AIR artists will be held in the gallery space. We will be also curating and inviting artists to have their exhibitions here. 

The space is available for a gallery rental as well, and please feel free to contact us for your exhibition or project. 


More details will be coming soon..


For information and details about current exhibitions, workshops, and AIR artists; 


from Narita Airport either Terminal 1, 2 and 3(Domestic):
Take a local JR (Japan Railway) train, not a JR Narita Express or Keisei train, to JR Narita Station. At JR Narita Station, transfer to JR Joban-Narita Line (the green line #22 on the route map) for Abiko, and get off at JR Higashi-Abiko Station (8th stop from JR Narita Station, one-stop before Abiko Station).
8 minute walk from JR Higashi-Akiko Station to on-site.

from JR Ueno Station in Tokyo:
Take a train on JR Joban Line from JR Ueno Station to Tennodai Station. (8th stop from Ueno Station with 37-minute ride)
10 minute walk from JR Tennodai Station to on-site.

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Japan Transit Planner

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